TCT 3D Live

Some images form the NEC Birmingham for the TCT Live 3D printing & product development exhibition

20120926-023241 PM.jpg

3D Titanium printed ball, I could hardly feel it in my hand it was so light

20120926-023250 PM.jpg

The UP! 3D printer working away

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What Mouse should I use for CAD

The right mouse to use with any CAD software is an important decision you will be using it for hours at a time so it must be comfortable and reliable also there are some mice with additional features that can be very handy when managed properly.
It took me around a year to find a mouse I could comfortably use, a good mouse doesn’t have to cost much at all if you know what your looking for.

What you want to avoid

Mice and keyboard sets you know the ones I mean these are usually very light and more often than not designed to look nice on your desk and not fit in your hand.

Slim line / Travel mice I know many people using CAD on laptops this can be very useful for the freelance CAD guy but avoid laptop travel mice these tiny things give me cramp just looking at them!.

Gaming Mice covered in LEDs Gaming mice are usually a great choice be careful however you don’t get one covered in LEDs the novelty will wear thin not to mention the batteries needing to be changed every other day.

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How to use Autodesk Inventor ilogic & iProperties to make updating drawing title blocks painless and fast.

This will show you how to use custom iProperties and ilogic to fill out your revision boxes and any thing else in the drawing title block such as scale, checked by, date, author, you will never need to draw a text box in the drawing block to fill out revisions again.

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Cardboard Furniture

I saw this unique concept of cardboard furniture on tonights channel 4 show “four rooms” I love the geometric design and I had previously overlooked cardboard as a building material, the furniture was well designed to take advantage of the strong compression strength of the material by using triangles it worked great.

I would like to create my own piece of cardboard furniture using a similar geometric style this would be a pleasure to create details plans in CAD due to the precise lengths and sharp angles along with some 3D Renders to get it looking perfect before construction and to insure it could be recreated perfectly every time.

I will upload the CAD files when the project is complete would be great to have some input from other designers kind of like an open source chair!! Ha

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My First Blog

This is my first blog post after deciding to make a blog to share my experiences with likeminded people thanks for coming and I hope you stick around for some great content.