How to use Autodesk Inventor ilogic & iProperties to make updating drawing title blocks painless and fast.

This will show you how to use custom iProperties and ilogic to fill out your revision boxes and any thing else in the drawing title block such as scale, checked by, date, author, you will never need to draw a text box in the drawing block to fill out revisions again.

First off you need to open an .idw file you can edit your existing or create a new one.

Now lets add some custom iProperties these are values that will be edited later using the ilogic forms and will populate your title revision block.


Add four custom iProperties called along the lines of Revision1, Modification1, Date1 and Intl1 make sure you make the type is “text” not date or Boolean.

Now you have done that its time to edit your drawings title block in your browser expand the folder Drawing Resources and also Title Block and  right click edit the title block you are going to use.


Now you are editing the title block you are able to add text we will now insert your custom iProperties Start by adding individual text boxes where you would like the final text to appear shown below saying “Text”

Double click to edit the sections of “text” use the first drop down to select “Custom Properties – Drawing”

and the second to select the custom iProps you would like to insert in this case Revision1 because this is the revision box.


Click the icon with the “X” to insert the custom iProp not OK otherwise it wont insert any thing, so important in fact I felt the need to use big red bold arrows.

Then click “Ok” and repeat for the other values you would like to replace using ilogic click finish sketch when you are done, the text you inserted will disappear don’t panic it will be back soon now its time for the ilogic.

You probably cant see ilogic yet so lets turn it on in the view tab under user interface click the check box ilogic.

ilogic is on, you now need to add a pretty form, Right click whilst on the forms tab and select add form.

Drag your custom iProperies from the iProperties tab such as Revision1 to the form shown below.

 Now make it look nice and click “OK”

 You now have a ilogic form! Click on it and fill it out.

 Fill out the form.

that’s the basics, obviously you need more than just one line of revisions but you should be able to work out how to add more lines for your self using the same method shown here also you can to add scale notes, checked boxes and notes.


When you click new you will have the choice to use your new custom template for all new drawings.

This is a screen cap of the forms I use on my drawings using the same method as I just demonstrated it saves me so much time.



One thought on “How to use Autodesk Inventor ilogic & iProperties to make updating drawing title blocks painless and fast.

  1. Haukur says:

    Great tutorial. It helped a lot.


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